This is a selection of  translated publications in English – print, music and websites.

The articles originating from the early seventies represent pioneering contributions to a gender perspective in German art history and archaeology – and at the same time the international flow of ideas among women,
vivid and interdisciplinary.

Concerning the websites from the year 2000 on, I worked in the function of an Editor and/or Projectmanager.

I am the author of all content on this website, if not explicitly mentioned otherwise. Work in Progress: Please contact for publications/translations not (yet) available on this site.

The subjects:
websites for prevention of  Domestic violence, violence in partnerships, sexual abuse and sexual violence among youths; cross culture gender studies; women´s and gender studies in art history and archaeology; women´s (rock)music since the seventies; new media and gender in teaching and didactics.


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Domestic Violence – Violence Counselling for Men

Editor: Cillie (Cecilia) Rentmeister; Author and Producer: Cristina Perincioli

…there are a series of instruments which can help you navigate the jungle of hate and desire, rage and remorse…

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Editor: Rentmeister, Cecilia; Author and Producer: Perincioli, Cristina

Domestic Violence: How those affected can protect themselves

in 8 languages: türkçe – english – français – espagñol – russkij – polski – serpski – german

“According to one British study, an average of seven years go by between the first incidence of abuse and the point at which women seek outside help.

How can the protection laws help?
When will a police report help?
When is a separation/divorce necessary?
How to prepare for this?
Where should one flee?
What do the authorities require?

Precise and practical tips for those affected – but also for:
women’s representatives  – women working in offices of the public authorities  – workers’ council staff – those who provide counselling in cases of domestic violence”


7 Passages Between Life and Death: Rituals Doing Gender

Lecture with Pictures and Video-Documentaries, held August 25th 2000 at “ifu – international women´s university”, Hannover, Germany while World Expo 2000. Held at ifu´s open space, section “rituals of rememberig – rituals of respect”, curated/managed/Project-management/by Bea Stammer et al.

”Rites of Passage” accompany changes of status as well as all crises in human life: pregnancy and birth, puberty and sexlife, marriage and divorce, dying and death, and also – with rites of initiation – all stages in education and profession.
Are ”modern” cultures ”ritually poor” in contrast to the ”ritually rich” in ”traditional” cultures?
How are – in ”western” and ”traditional” societies – Rites of Passage ”making gender”, creating and confirming womenhood and masculinity?

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The Raised Voices of Women in the Mid-Nineteenth Century France

in: Heresies Nr. 2, Feminist Publication on Art and Politics, New York,  May 1977.
Free Download of all complete issues at Hampshire College: The Heretics Archive (Nr. 2 = 38,9 MB).

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Translation of: “Honoré Daumier und das Häßliche Geschlecht”, Berlin/Stuttart 1974

Full Text PDF (1,7 MB) – as published by “Heresies”, No.2, 1977, pp. 52-56, Cover, Table of Contents:
Rentmeister Daumier Engl. Heresies 1977

This Translation contains only one illustration. For all 27 illustrations see the German Version –> Menu “Emanzen – das hässliche Geschlecht”


The Muses, Banned From Their Occupations: Why Are There So Many Allegories Female?

“Berufsverbot für die Musen – Warum sind so viele Allegorien weiblich?”

Versions in German, Dutch, Swedish.

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from: Kvinnovetenskaplig Tidskrift, Nr.4. 1981, Lund, Sweden, p.87  as PDF


The Sounds of The Women´s Movement – The Finland Lectures

The finnish Press reported in 1985 from my lecture tour “The Finland Lectures” with Musik- Live-Acts: “Does Cillie bring the feministist Rockmusic to Finnland?”

Cillie Rentmeister – The Finland Lectures – held at Helsinki, Sibelius-Akatemia, March 5, 1985 and at Jyväskylä University, musiikin laitos / Music Institute, March 14, 1985Here you find a collection of articles (or links to articles) and lectures translated and/or published in English.

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Flying Lesbians, the first German women’s band

Tribe of companion lovers who, as their name indicates, are wanderers. The Flying Lesbians come from Germany and have companion lovers everywhere. Singers and musicians, they owe their celebrity to the fact that they were the first group of wandering lesbians in the raving that began the Glorious Age.”

From: Monique Wittig and Sande Zeig: Lesbian Peoples. Material for a Dictionary. New York 1979

Text about the Disc from Distributor´s information 1976:

“The Flying Lesbians, the first German women’s band, are seven lesbians, who understand themselves as a workshop inside the lesbian-feminist movement, contributing musically to the growing women’s culture. They have been playing at national and international women’s parties for the last 2 years. They are amateurs.
Finally women are making their own music, expressing their own experience and their own perspective. Music to dance, words to listen to.
The texts are about issues, that are discussed in the lesbian movement and in the women’s movement: the situation of battered wives, of women in the drug scene, the „in the closet” situation of lesbians in a society that keeps a deathly silence about love between women, the impossibilities of bisexuality in a society that has institutionalised heterosexuality, the mechanisms, with which women, who have ,made’ it, in male careers betray their own kind, and many songs that express our growing, offensive, woman-identified consciousness.
The Flying Lesbians play for women only, women’s dances preferred. Their songs are in German and in English.”

Link to Flying Lesbians website


Gender in Teaching and Didactics

Rentmeister, Cillie; Spieß, Gesine (eds.) (2003):
Gender in Lehre und Didaktik – Gender in Teaching and Didactics. Eine europäische Konferenz in Erfurt- A European Conference in Erfurt, Frankfurt/M., Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien.

From Publishers website Peter Lang:
“University lecturers from six countries met at the international Erfurt conference. The focus was on the implementation of gender studies, networking and the development of didactic concepts, as there is a great need in this discipline for didactic and methodological clarification. Topics discussed were: What is the goal of gender studies? How can gender awareness be raised in teaching or training situations? What good didactic examples exist already? How can New Media be implemented?

Contents in English:
Elzbieta Pakszys: Interdisciplinary Gender Studies – Challenges & Chances – Malgorzata Radkiewicz: Gender Studies – Against Stereotypes (Statement) – Eva Vesínová-Kalivodová/Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer: Reflections on Translating and Teaching Gender in Czech Gender Studies – Gesine Spieß/Cillie Rentmeister: Gender in Teaching and Didactics – Many Paths, One Goal – Lucie Jarkovska: Women, Men and Society from a Gender Perspective. Course for secondary school teachers – A. Temkina/E. Zdravomyslova: Institutionalization of Gender Studies in Russia: Issues and Strategies.”

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“Eye & Ear – Computer and Creativity”, in: “Documentation of the Conference on Education in Computer Graphics in the Arts, Design and Architecture, Nov. 4-6, 1988, Kongreßhalle Berlin”, Berlin (Art+Com) und Strasbourg (Conseil de l`Europe) 1989